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New Believer's Bible-NLT

New Believer's Bible-NLT

Tyndale House Publishers 2007 Paperback

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Product Description

"The New Believer's Bible" is uniquely designed to help the new Christian read, study, and understand the Bible. It includes features that help Christians develop and deepen their faith, while providing a foundation for their new life in Christ.


More Product Information

  • Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
  • ISBN: 1414302541
  • ISBN-13: 9781414302546
  • UPC: 9781414302546
  • SKU: 1414302541
  • Release Date: July 1, 2007
  • Pages: 1212
  • Language: English
  • Version: New Living
  • Bible Type: General Use
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Bible Organization: Not Applicable
  • Height: 1.30 inches
  • Width: 5.40 inches
  • Length: 8.20 inches
  • Weight: 1.75 pounds

About the Author

Greg Laurie

Greg Laurie

Greg Laurie is senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California. He began his pastoral ministry at age 19 by leading a Bible study of 30 people. Today, that small group has grown into a church of some 15,000 people, making it one of the eight largest churches in America, as well as the third largest in California. Harvest recently celebrated 25 years of ministry.

Laurie began holding evangelistic crusades, called Harvest Crusades, ten years ago. Since 1990, almost 3 million people have attended Harvest Crusades in person in combined attendance.

They have been held in southern and central California, Seattle, Philadelphia, New York, Hawaii, Florida, and, for the first time in the year 2000, Australia.

Laurie’s passion has been to preach the Gospel to as many people as is humanly possible and to train and equip others to do the same. The ministry of Harvest Crusades has been undeniably blessed and used by God in a unique way.

Pastor Laurie is also the featured speaker on a nationally syndicated radio program entitled A New Beginning that is heard coast to coast and overseas.

He serves on the board of directors of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, among other organizations. He holds two honorary doctorates: one from Biola University and one from Azusa Pacific University.

Laurie has authored a number of books, including Life, Any Questions? The Great Compromise, Every Day with Jesus, The New Believer’s Growth Book, New Believer’s Bible, The God of Second Changes, The Upside-Down Church, (winner of the Gold Medallion Award), How To Share Your Faith, and How To Live Forever. Pastor Laurie’s latest book, Handling Difficult Questions, was published this year by Harvest Ministries. Greg Laurie’s books have been translated into many languages, including Korean, Latvian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Whether speaking or writing, Laurie is gifted with the ability to apply biblical principles to current events in a way that is relevant and easily understood by people of all ages, from all walks of life. The trademark of a Greg Laurie sermon, book, or radio program is the contemporary, yet straightforward, style and format.

Greg and his wife, Cathe, have two children and reside in Southern California.

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